Join Troop 228

Youth Membership

Note: Boys from First through Fifth Grade are welcome to enter the Cub Scout program.

In order to enter a Boy Scout Troop such as ours, a youth must be 11 years old -or- completed the 5th grade -or- earned the Arrow of Light award. If you or your son meets these requirements, and are interested in joining our troop, please contact us. All youth enter Scouting without a rank, but can typically earn the first rank of "Scout" fairly quickly - usually within the first few meetings. As he learns the various scouting skills in an increasing level of complexity, he will progress through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. Focus then transitions to service to his Troop, service to his community, and earning merit badges (advanced skills and/or glimpses of career opportunities depending on the badge). Gradually, he will progress through the ranks of Star, Life, and finally the highest rank, Eagle Scout.

Parental Involvement

Typically, boys get the most out of Scouting when parents/siblings are involved and it becomes a family experience. If mom or dad joins the Troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster, they can have direct involvement in leading the boys (including their son) in advancement and activities. If the parent joins as a Committee Member, they can help in a more indirect manner with the "business matters" of the Troop, maintaining the organization and facilitating the logistics of our activities. No prior experience in Scouting is necessary for adult membership.

The Joining Process

There is a simple membership application form for youth membership, and a separate application form for adults. But the same form is used whether the youth or adult is new to Scouting or has prior experience and is transferring from another unit into ours. We can help you fill out this form on your first visit. Please contact us for further information. Scouting is non-denominational, thus, even though our Troop meets at a Lutheran Church, we welcome members of other denominations to join in the program with us.

Thank you for your interest in Troop 228; we hope to hear from you soon. Come and enjoy the adventure!