About Us

Troop 228 is part of the Trailblazer District of the Dan Beard Council, which includes parts of Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, more commonly known as the "Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area." We are chartered to the Hebron Lions Club (their Facebook Page), and meet at Hebron Lutheran Church (their Facebook Page), 3140 Limaburg Road in Hebron, Kentucky. You can find out more about the history of our area and our Troop on our history page.

Through the years, our meeting schedule at HLC has changed countless times, but we currently hold troop meetings (almost) every Monday evening from 6:30 until 8:00. Troop 228 follows the phrase, "no school, no Scouts," meaning that if Boone County Schools are called off on a Monday (will announce on their Facebook Page), the Troop meeting is usually called off as well -- unless there is something very important to discuss and the road conditions have improved since the morning. If the weather gets bad after school hours, the Scoutmaster makes a decision, and all Troop members are notified via the patrol phone tree.

All boys need to own a current edition of The Boy Scout Handbook and at least a Scout uniform shirt and neckerchief. The coil bound handbook lays flat better, but is more delicate and susceptible to pages being torn out - either way we highly recommend a full-wrap handbook cover to help hold it all together. Special activities such as flag ceremonies also require other parts of the uniform: pants, hat, and socks. Because these uniforms are made to be virtually indestructible, they can also be fairly expensive. Buying gently used uniforms from another family can save quite a bit of money, especially when trying to clothe a fast-growing boy.

We have also learned over the years that it can be difficult when deciding on an equipment purchase. Even something as simple as a magnetic compass can have a small but important feature that may not be available on every model. Before purchasing any equipment, please contact the Scoutmaster or one of the assistants on what type of equipment to purchase, and where to get the best quality for the price. Pocketknives are very useful, but only allowed if the Scout has been given the proper instructions from our Troop Leaders for safe knife handling and use. Sheath knives are not permitted unless they are beneficial to the event (such as fishing) and pre-approval has been granted by the Scoutmaster. The members area of this site has a complete list of recommended accessories and equipment.

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